Anyone else find Q charts useless this morning?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by futurecurrents, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. It never fails...the market starts cooking and Qcharts is
  2. mgkrebs


    I had a lot general web problems this a.m. some sites accessible. others not.
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  4. NKNY


    No problem in NY, But keep in mind I don't change my screen at all. I watch the same things all the time...

  5. bigscalper

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    running perfect over here!
  6. Yeah the stuff I had up from yesterday was showing o.k. But ask for any new symbols and nada. Thanks for the response.


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  7. NKNY


    My stuff is from last night also, I stay logged in overnight and never really ask for new data.. never have a problem....

    Im glad though, I have gotten used to qharts and would find it hard to find a replacement. i like the way i can move the chart all over the place... Other programs have a fixd chart....I feel locked in...

    Anyway , good luck to all...


  8. those QC people are going to be in deep cacka once more software programs accept the esignal feed. they might actually have to (gasp!) adopt a more customer-oriented business model.

    and then, the experiment will be over.

    but until then, they will continue to totally suck ass, no doubt, and they will continue to collect data on how much you can torment customers before they finally give up.
  9. BSAM


    From my experience and from the reported experience of others, Qcharts has been relatively useless for years!:cool:

  10. QCharts results seem to vary a lot from user to user. Some apparently have a lot of trouble while others hardly any.

    I encounter few problems but usually when there is one it's resolved by switching servers or sometimes switching to a different location (i.e., Sterling instead of Boston). There's the occassional system wide f-up, but by and large results have been acceptable. I found best results from NOT using their normal automatic server selection. They clearly need an overhaul of their customer service group though.

    eSignal sounds like it's improved since I tried a while back (still don't like their price related restrictions though). At the time, their quotes (especially options) were pretty poor and their software sucked - hopefully they've improved because just getting the old Ravenquote programmer on staff isn't enough reason to switch (I found Ravenquote too buggy and poorly implemented - ate a lot CPU and system resources).

    Has anyone used lately? Their software doesn't look too impressive, but wondering how their datafeed quality is.
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