Anyone else experience unusual open on ES tonight?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by USAtrader, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or did the ES have an unusual open this evening. It appeared as though I got a fill at the correct opening time (6pm EST), but then no trading or data for several minutes after that until things seemed to have continued on (IB).

    I show a buy fill at 1086 on Sept, and a buy fill at 1090.5 on June. Seems incorrect. Can anyone confirm what they have as the low and high prints on either or both of the June/Sept contract, or what time print they have as the open today?

  2. one bump.
  3. You are not worrying that your profits might disappear anytime?
  4. How do you mean?
  5. With ES at 1095, do you have a loss or a gain?
  6. Read the first post. In the money. But that's phantom profit, as the market never traded down there. The trades either never took place, or they took place at a different price.


  7. The market is NOW trading at 1095. Are you sure you took your coffee today?
  8. is anyone even going to trade this mth, everyone and their mother is watching the WC
  9. The first post reads (since you're referring to the June contract) that my listed fill was a buy at 1090.5 on the June. As the market is now trading at 1094's - essentially where you suggest it's trading - that implies a profit, assuming the fill was correct (which it is not).

    So where in my math do I need to add caffeine?

  10. you need to roll to septs.
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