Anyone else distrust Huckabee?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. I thought gluttony was a sin. But I guess someone has to take over from fawell.
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  2. I actually liked several things about him before, but his "performance" last night was one of his worst.

    Alan Keyes was the best by far. LOL

    But seriously, I did actually like Huckabee until I start reading into his record. Social conservative, fiscal LIBERAL. I didn't realize that he is essentially the polar opposite of a Libertarian, that is social liberal, fiscal conservative. Do they even have a party that fits him?
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  3. By not going anywhere, do you mean not progressing, or not leaving?
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  4. LT701


    at least they had the sense to go vertical instead of horizontal

    gotta give them that
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  5. I didn't even know Keyes was a candidate but he was dazzling. I loved the way he browbeat that woman into letting him talk.

    I'm willing to give Huckabee the benefit of the doubt and accept that he's genuine and not another Bill clinton, but he worries me with his sweeping statements. As for how to describe his philsophy, it seems to me to be pretty close to Bush. Enough said.

    I really think the formats of these debates is a tremendous disservice to the candidates. They look like game show contestants, and there is something demeaning about men who would be leaders of the free world begging a local newspaper editor to speak.
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  6. Yes, it's called National Socialist Party.
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  7. Far too many candidates I think is the biggest problem. Given the amount of time candidates have been campaigning now, the field should've been restricted to anyone with greater than 5% in the polls.

    With this many participants it isn't a debate, it is question and answer with many of the same statements being made. Repetitive and monotonous. And you're right, somewhat gameshow-esque.

    And c'mon, newpaper editor as the host? Give me a break.
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  8. THAT is a scary looking bunch!! Is there any doubt that this fool would be singing Onward Christian Soldiers as he started WW III ???
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  9. not progressing. we'll forget their names in a year or so.
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  10. I would not be so sure just yet:

    December 13, 2007
    Election 2008: Florida GOP Primary

    Mike Huckabee 27%
    Mitt Romney 23%
    Rudy Giuliani 19%
    Fred Thompson 9%
    John McCain 6%
    Ron Paul 4%
    Some other candidate 2%

    Mitt Romney’s strategy for winning the Republican nomination was to win the early states and build momentum. Rudy Giuliani’s plan was to accept defeats in the early states and come back strong on January 29 in Florida and in many large states on February 5.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports polling in the state of Florida suggests that Giuliani might need to work on a “Plan B.’ Mike Huckabee now leads in the Sunshine State Primary with 27% of the vote.
    Huckabee has shaken up the race for the White House with an amazing surge over the past month. He now leads in Iowa and South Carolina. He is tied for the lead in Michigan and consistently near the top nationally in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.
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