Anyone else distrust Huckabee?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Dec 12, 2007.

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    guy's just a little too 'folksy' for me

    i dont like the idea of a preacher politician, because it's difficult in our culture to question a preacher's integrity, and generally you have to at least give them the 'benefit of the doubt'

    i think instead of getting a politician you can trust, you get a politician you cant question
  2. he's about as sharp as haroki.
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  4. I listened to him tonight during the debate. he gave these soaring rhetorical statements but almost everything he said was crap. He said for example that the Founders meant for the leaders to represent the people, not the elites. That's nonsense. Senators were originally elected by state legislatures. His statements are full of BS like this.

  5. NO WAY !!!!

  6. Shit, he'll have to raise taxes if Pres, just to feed the First Family. (Is the girl adopted?)
  7. What a bunch of fat asses. Stripes arent slimming anything here.
  8. lol. What are those? Patches on the elbows?

  9. Dig the shirts. The vertical stripe slimming effect isn't working with the Huckabee men.
  10. Huckabee isn't going anywhere. Neither is Mitt Romney.
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