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  1. Moving out of the states due to the declining marriage rate and weak dollar.? This country is going to hell in a hand basket.
  2. let's face it, every country has issues, we probably have more, mainly because of our size..
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    never..not in a million years..not even if Cuba free's up will i leave the states...if its going down im going down with it....
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    I've started thinking about leaving, and I grew up here! Dunno where, and certainly the problems will spread but at least more of a stable social culture.
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    Never even crosses my mind. I would have to uproot my family, sell a house, quit jobs, and move to another country all because of a falling dollar. Sounds a little extreme to me.
  6. But when Hilary becomes president thanks to the lib-tards the US will become a socialist country. This scares me into dead lifts and squats like you wouldn't believe. I need to be in shape so when I retire in 2 years I can have my pick of the litter somewhere like brazil.
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    why would you move OUT of the USA when the dollar is worth so little? You will have to exchange it at some horrible exchange rates and get very in return compared what you could have gotten just a month ago.
  8. Might be a consideration for a single man...

    The US has almost unique problems...

    1. Whacked-out Gummint deficit spending in US

    2. Fed printing money like it really IS free..

    3. Baby Boomers.. with little saving and investment to carry them through retirement... heavily dependent upon Gummint for sustenance (but Gummint already spent all the money).

    4. European countries and Japan lost many millions in WWII (we did not), so their boomer generation is smaller and putting less demands on own governments.

    With current mind-set and fiscal policies, USA is effectively doomed to poverty and destruction... but other places have own problems, so pick carefully.
  9. Yes I am a single man which makes me smarter than most. I have worked and invested too hard to fall in the trap known as women. I have not even had sex with a real women in almost four years. Women are nothing more than money grubbing gold diggers who need to stay in the kitchen.
  10. That's kind of my dilema. Canada is no longer a cheaper alternative. Savers like me are going to take in the shorts. I should have hedged against the dollar decline. My In-Laws from your Europe will have to come visit us now since I won't be able to visit them anymore. :( :D

    To the OP that stated when Hillary takes power watch out. I don't like either party for the last several years, but come on, let's focus on objectivity. The Republicans, a traditionally fiscally responsible party, have been spending like money doesn't matter, pork barrel spending and all. Clinton at least had fiscally reponsible government. Pay as you go, remember, which worked because the Neo Cons in congress kept spending in check at that time. Absolute power corrupts. We have clear evidence. The Republicans controlled both branches of government and Bush didn't veto a damn spending bill until the Dems took back the House of Rep.

    Anyone with half a brain could see the housing bubble coming. Pure capitalism gave loans to irresponsible ppl. Stated income loans, WTF, were they thinking?:p Liar loans are what the mortgage banking industry calls them.

    Maybe we can actually get some mfg. back into the US now that it will be cheaper to export stuff to countries that actually have money to spend.
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