Anyone else calling a YM 11,168 bottom?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Anyone else calling a YM 11,168 bottom?...I am...dated July 1, 2008..but not saying "never"...:D I netted 49 YM points today...
  2. How long do you believe this bottom will hold?
  3. Until he runs out of speedballs.
  4. we would have to test 11634 and 117731 resistance first, if we can hold thru those and they become support then we would have to test 13200 maybe form an inverse h&s on the weekly, if it hits 11634 and fails then we could test 10800,10600, thtas how i'm playing it
  5. OK so you are not talking intraday, right? Well yeah. . .I'm with ya brother I <i>think</i> we've seen the low for the Dow - but to be honest me and my buddy stock_trd3r are sorta hopin'!:D

    C'mon fellas, anyone else <i>feel</i> this way. . .I KNOW I am not alone!
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  7. Aren't you the same clairvoyant that called a top in oil ?

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    I predict we will see 10,700 by 3rd week in July. August I see 9,800 on the way. This economy is in critical condition and they need to stop covering up all the BS on tv. Talk to some old timers who been through a depression, they might tell you they are getting flashbacks!
  9. :D :D
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