Anyone do the Dan Sheridan mentorship?

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    I would like to hear from anyone who has personal experience with the Dan Sheridan one-on-one mentorship program. Also, any feedback on any of his seminars. I've watched all of his webinars at and it seems like he knows some stuff as well as how to teach it.

    Since I don't want this to be a commercial, I'll leave out the details and simply ask that you email me directly (unless you want to post publicly).

    Email me at----> e l i t e t r a d e r 1 (AT) w e 9 v . c o m

    Thanks, Chad
  2. Hi Chad,
    I'm currently in his mentoring program. Its a decent program if your goals match the program's goals. Send me a private message if you have specific questions.

  3. why would you think he has value? 99% of "trainers" or "advisories" or other purveyors don't work. Why do you plan to waste money on him so you can be one of the 99% ?? seriously?
  4. TraderZones,
    I don't think that anyone is proposing any single program to be a cure all to allow people to profit from the market. Also some programs are made for full time traders, other for part time traders, other for retiree's who only want to dabble and feel in touch with the marketplace. Some programs require a huge pool of experience and talent to be successful with, others simply get you into the market. Some people consider 10-20% a year success, others demand that every month.

    Basically, if there were a silver bullet we would all use it, obviously, but if someone told me that they finally got their personal act together to made a consistent profit from the market by means of having a mentor, a program, or some book written in Hebrew - fine, so be it. I think there are many great educational sources out there, and Dan's program is one of them - it does not promise to change your life, or make your hair grow back - it's just one more of many, groups of people who make their experience available to you either for fee for free, do with it what you will, and continue to learn no matter what your skill level is in the market.

  5. As I said, 99% of these thing DO.... NOT...... WORK.....

    It doesn't matter what they promise. It is the fact they refuse to furnish AUDITED... LONGTERM... PROVABLE... VERIFIABLE... RESULTS... with GOOD SHARPE, PROFIT FACTOR, REASONABLE DRAWDOWN AND OTHER GOOD STATS.

    If they do not, they are complete and total garbage. I have reviewed, followed, tested, sampled, studied a couple thousand systems from every ilk for more than a 10 year period. What you are saying is naive.
  6. My experience says otherwise. I didn't offer a stamp of approval, but I do think that some formal training is necessary for a complete new comer to be proficient in using the tools and techniques of experienced market veterans. It does not matter what the source is, but some of these programs can be of assistance.

    If nothing else they can teach great techniques for managing risk and aid to keep someone from getting blown out of the market - blowing up your account 2-3 times before becoming successful is not a necessary requirement for long term successful trading. The important thing is that you get a program which emphasizes each persons own discretionary decision making process - not simply spitting out probable trades such as a subscription service.

    I'm not naive, I'm promoting that people get educated.
  7. Trainers and Professors are full of crap,
    There is nothing you can't learn in a good book.
  8. So for the last 10 years you have tested one system for every working day of that period.

    Really boggles the mind what is claimed by some at et.

    But what is never lacking is a strong and unsupported opinion on any subject.
  9. not as mind boggling as someone like yourself who knows precisely about a situation and is convinced he knows better.

    I have examined as many as 10-15 systems in a day. But you would know otherwise, because you are omniscient.
  10. That is why there are hundreds of reasonable-priced trading books and no cost websites and forums available. Anything you need to learn about money management and all the things in the "education" you so describe. Anyone spending $1500-$5000 on a method that refuses to readily audited, verifiable, provable results is naive, not a student.
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