anyone daytrading the QM mini Crude Oil?

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  1. anyone daytrading the QM mini Crude Oil? I have not traded it in quite some time...anyone daytrading it? comments, thoughts?
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    incy, just pick a contract and trade it, jeez.
  3. don't want to miss out on the "best contract to trade"
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    There is no magic contract. They all move around, just pick one.
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    Isn't the intraday volume terrible on it?
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    Tomorrow will be questions about methanol futures, then lumber futures, then milk futures....
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    CL is the best contract to trade. Price moves a few ticks off every possible level you can think of, meaning that even if you have no idea how to trade, you can just buy a support level or sell a resistance level with a 3-tick stop and rarely lose more than 4 or 5 ticks with slippage, but every now and then catch a really nice move.

    I've never even looked at QM. Mainly because I can't figure out what "QM" stands for, and that disturbs me. I can't trade something whose symbol makes no sense.

    Symbols that make sense, so I will trade them:

    6E = Euro (E for "Euro" and 6 for "there are 6 major European countries I can name, 5 constantly needing bailouts and 1 constantly rolling its eyes at the them")

    AAPL = Apple (the fact it has 2 "A"s instead of 2 "P"s is merely whimsical, not disturbing)

    CL = Crude, light (totally sensible; the only symbol that would be more sensible would be "OIL")

    ES = Electronic S&P500

    Symbols that make no sense, so I will not trade them:

    X = ?? (I actually used to trade this stock until it caused a severe brain infection one day involving 40 trades and a max daily loss)

    QM = ??

    YM = ??

    RBOB = ?? (What were they thinking???)
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    Reformulated something that starts with B something that starts with O something that starts with B :D I like SWUTMG better (stuff we use to make gasoline)
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    The QM/CL is a perfectly good instrument for a newb to lose a lot of money very fast. It's a very difficult instrument to trade that requires a lot of study and analysis. It's definitely tradeable but you can't just jump in and expect to start generating coin.
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