anyone daytrade the ZF (5 YR Note)? It seems pretty weak

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  1. anyone daytrade the ZF (5 YR Note)? It seems pretty weak...more volume than the 30 YR but less volume than the 10 YR...but way less movement than both the 30 YR & 10 YR...comments?
  2. i trade a lot of the fv but i also am entirely a spread trader so i don't know what to tell you if scalping is your goal. since it trades quarter tics it often times can lead a quick move but is also more aggressive to bounce from highs and lows to a few prices away. an awful lot of the size that comes into the market simply cancels when threatened with a fill.

    edit and yesterday i would have agreed to you about fv weakness, but today i was surprised at how strong it was the majority of the day.
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    Well it has significantly less duration than the 10y and 30y, so it would have to be less volatile by definition

  4. i'm a spread trader so i only look at relative volatility- yesterday the fv was surprisingly weak relative to the rest of the curve, today it was surprisingly strong compared to the rest of the curve
  5. thanks!
  6. Can you share your spread pairs! How many 10 vs 5, 10 vs 30 etc.. How long do you hold these spread trades?
  7. for ZF ZN ZB and UB i use the same as the ICS spreads do: 15:10:6:4 and i only trade intraday i never hold positions overnight
  8. xtrader pro by TT- it's by far the best imo, but not worth the cost unless you trade a lot (somewhere around 1700$/month)

    but i would assume your platform is spreadable- i mean if you can trade both products you can spread them....? just buy one and sell the other manually- i probably execute 80-90% of my trades manually (even though i pay extra for the autospreader function of xtrader) simply because i think i might be able to get it off slightly better.

    also ics markets are spread markets, they should be available through most any brokerage and trade the same as a single product with their fill engine generating both legs for you.
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