anyone daytrade CME Globex Swiss Franc Futures?

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  1. anyone daytrade CME Globex Swiss Franc Futures?...good per tick value of $12.50...okay volume and seems to track the CME Euro future...thoughts?
  2. TheMan


    thought you were focusing on trading gold as of now?
  3. You are already cheating on your self from the other thread you have, you were going to focus on gold but now your asking about the CHF , thats against everything you said. You shouldnt be worried about the chf at all but looking only at gold as you said you were.
  4. yes, you are exactly correct...all Gold coversation is to reserved for my journal...that is all my commitment keep my journal talking about
    gold for the next week...please re-read that disclaimer again...
  5. Well then u should be studying your commitment, these worthless threads take up space from the actual good ones, so no need for all this crap and the same questions you have asked for 2 years now. So I am looking forward to seeing you fail, wait you already have.
  6. It's a Swiss Franc future. Why would you say that it tracks the Euro future? The two reflect different ccies and you should be aware of this basic fact.
  7. ...with a nearly 100% correlation. A spread trader's delight. :cool:
  8. So you're saying that there's "nearly" no such thing as EURCHF or, more specifically, that the relevant EURCHF fwd "nearly" doesn't ever move?

    I think the Swiss National Bank might just disagree with you there...
  9. 1) ?....fwd?......forwards? That's "Wilmott stuff".
    2) The two currency futures have high correlation. I don't trade them nor care about them beyond that instrument. :cool:
  10. The two currencies are highly correlated (90%+). Since I don't trade spread, I focus on the EUR instead of the CHF (EUR has better volume). Check this link to see how these pairs track intraday, daily and weekly:
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