Anyone cover up their daily P&L ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. anyone cover their daily p&l on their platforms? a friend of mine says the firm he is at,traders,not all of course,cover up their p&l's so they don't get hooked on what where its at.
  2. Yes, I do. In Buttontrader I cover the P&L with a small subwindow that is used to define the hotkey-pad. It's the one thing I miss in BT, the ability to switch that indicator off.

  3. Yup.....
  4. gaj


    yup, i changed my IB workstation to not show what my current positions are up.

    i try to only look at p&L when i'm done for the day. and although i have an idea if i'm trading well or not (and, also, if my trades are working) i try not to concern myself with the actual money.
  5. Very nice feature to have. Open ECry's platform has an easy way to turn off the P&L on the actual DOM's.
  6. I used to watch it like a hawk. The first tick it went against me you'd find me crAshing through my first story window ala the Ameritrade commercial from a few years back. Nowadays, I hide under my bed when I have a trade on.

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    Yep. Much too distracting.
  8. yep.

    Round numbers on my P&L influence my trading too much. I either take profits too early, or try to push it to the next round number. With the P&L covered, I just trade the structure of each position. Much better results. Less stressful too.
  9. All above are good answers to the question. The important part is to answer the question truthfully. If P+L affects your trading in ANY way, you should not look.:cool:
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    I like to have the P&L there to keep myself disciplined. the only thing worse than a bad entry is giving too much back, for me anyway
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