Anyone Counting Price?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by fireflyx, Jan 28, 2006.

What is your opinion of Elliott wave theory?

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  1. fireflyx


    Just curious to know whether anyone out there is counting price, either using EWT or a self-invented system?

    There is no category for
    in the forums so I figured I may as well post here.

    Counting seems to continue to exists on the boundaries and outskirts of trading. While technical analysis is now mainstream, price counting languishes on the sidelines...

    It's always seemed strange to me that people would rather talk about what a great
    pattern appears in a chart rather than wonder
    price creates such a pattern.

    Sometimes I wonder how many traders care or are interested in it any longer (even in EWT).

    I know that many traders have grown frustrated with Elliott wave theory due to the difficulty and confusion in application. Granted, it is far from a flawless counting system. But has no one considered that a better system may exist? Or going one step further, attempted to create one?

    If you've tried to apply EWT I would be interested in hearing your opinion of, not just EWT, but the concept of counting in general. Did your efforts succeed? fail? Are you using it now? Do you find it to be accurate? Do you see application of it as difficult? What would a better counting system involve and how accurate would it need to be?

    Also, I would like to get your thoughts on the attached chart graphic. The red dots in the graphic are terminal points and identify the end of the count for that respective scale. It's a little confusing because I counted this movement at two wave scales, with overlaying counts - but you get the idea... I think the graphic does succeed in demonstrating how powerful counting can be (when the right sequences are known...)

    Looking forward to reading of your experiences with/attitudes toward counting price...
  2. TheDr.


    I firmly believe that Price and Time is the only information relevant to the market......I believe this because markets are engineered from within....The market trades to the area of prices where buyers and sellers meet to bargain or "haggle" the market higher or lower......

    IMO It's Time which defines the price and its' subsequent movement.........Counting the attempts a market makes to the H/L within a specified time frame and it's cycle explains the move...

    Jack Bouroudjian said in a recent documentary how "Many traders in the SP pit don't know what the SP is"....."They Know how to buy 50's and sell 70s.... And I agree.
  3. fireflyx


    Dr., thanks for your view. I would say that you are a rare trader and definitely in the minority.

    Since the moderators have kindly stripped my original post of all links to my email address and website - even though I specifically stated that I'm simply seeking to promote a new idea and that I REFUSE to profit from any trader coming from these forums, I will proceed to tell you what I've found here and now. Perhaps it will be of some benefit...

    I've discovered some extended counting sequences (not linked to Elliott wave counts) that constantly repeat in price movements. In the graphic you can see two of these 3 sequences, a 14 point and 22 point count. The other sequence is an 18 point count.

    I've been using these for a few months now. It is a relatively new finding. However, I continue to be impressed with the regularity with which these sequences play out.

    If you would like to know more you can private message me and I will fill you in on some of the details. Evidently I am not allowed to post my email address or anything else in this forum.

  4. Who cares?
    Why should it be any different for u.
    SPAMMING is not allowed here, and the fact u say u are not willing to profit from ET members gives up an obnoxious stench of bullshit. And yeah, we take your word for it.
    Obviously u imply u are willing to take money from anyone else outside this forum.
    Gosh, I cannot stand hypocrites like u.
  5. Cheese


  6. syrre


    How do you apply Koch Curve to trading?
  7. I suggest Michael S Jenkins' books. Interesting take on price and time.
  8. Buy1Sell2


    EWT recipe for disaster
  9. Your theory seems to be closely related to cycle theories.
  10. fireflyx


    Bitstream, I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from your profane language in this thread. I have, and will report any instance of it wherever I cross it. It is totally un-called for, as is your labelling me a hypocrite.

    As for the website and email address link in my original post, I didn't not know it wasn't allowed - I have seen a number of others link to their sites in these forums (and I followed these links to their sites). I was not offended that they posted them and figured it must be allowed.

    You would do well to CHILL OUT and not be so quick to condemn!

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