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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dominic, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Dominic


    I was thinking about opening an account with Greentree and was wondering if anyone has any pros/cons with the firm. I have currently been using Cybertrader for the last 3 years since I started trading full time and am pretty much satisfied with them, but would like to have increased buying power (currently 4X1). Greentree is offering I believe 10 to 1 without having to get your Series 7. I have thought about also going through Bright Trading and getting my Series 7. Are there a lot of surprises once opening up account with some of these prop firms? Not sure if I should just stick with my current set up or step up to the next step? Any wisdom or insight would be appreciated.
  2. cheeks


    Try running a search, I know I've seen a few threads about them.
  3. jester

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    I've joined them and just PM'd you some information.

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    I thought green tree was a bank in NY?
  5. you might try pacific coast traders
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    GreenTree Trading now has "affiliate" offices in New Jersey (2 offices @ Pennsauken, NJ & Woodcliff Lake, NJ), Richardson, TX, New York, NY, Overland Park,KS.

    If anyone wants to know how to get a tour of any of these offices/locations, just PM me for details.

    J -
  7. only a few yrs ... and the founder only started
    trading a few yrs ago?

    does that matter ?

    thanks for your time ...
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    I PM'd you a response.....if I can answer any other questions feel free to PM me directly.

  9. If ya have any questions i also can answer any questions.....just give me a PM....
  10. I must apologize for any misunderstandings

    I did not express myself in the best manner

    I have sent you a PM

    ps ... can your firm be rated here on Elite Trader?
    there seems to be a section for comments on firms
    perhaps Baron can set your firm up in that area to receive
    comments from traders with GTT

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