anyone code simple ninja update for free?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flatron, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. flatron


    Im fairly new to trading and am playing around with ninjatrder at the moment with some indicators.

    Problem is that I keep missing signals and i really want to have audio alerts but I dont know about coding and stuff.

    Is it a quick job to add an audio alert for someone who knows what they're doing?
    Would anybody help me out?

  2. adding audio alters is completely trivial in ninja.
    You really should just learn to do it yourself..
    It won't be anything more than finding your signal in the editor and adding one line...look up alert in the help, i think it will have an example.
  3. flatron


    I need to do 2.

    The first one is simple and SHOULD (like you say) be very very easy because the conditions that i need for the alert are the same conditions that already draw a line on the chart, but I tried for hours myself and it didn't compile and I ended up needing the support team to get my ninjatrader working again!

    The second one I could NEVER do by myself. The indicator draws dots and I need an alarm to signal an audio alert when a certain number of dots have been drawn.
  4. maxpi


    Ninjatrader is the best environment for learning to code things.. you should dig in and learn programming.. programming is worth it's weight in gold in the trading arena...

    Meanwhile somebody can probably show you how to do what you need done immediately, I've done it but currently I'm not using Ninjatrader...
  5. flatron


    thanks. Someones already kindly offered to help me, but Ill keep him in mind.

    Its all very well saying 'do it yourself' but if you dont know a single thing about programming, its just not feasable. Its like learning a new language.
    I actually went ahead and tried though, and unsuprisingly, failed miserably.

    If it was metatrader, it wouldn't even be an issue, because they have a MUCH larger following and in my personal experience there are endless kind souls who will do the hard work for you. Nijatrader is still reletively small.
  6. Keep in mind there is also a guy that will do simple tweaks for 35 bucks..I think its but I've never used the service.
    Sure programming is not the easiest thing to learn but if your going to use ninja it really is worth putting in the time. Consider learning a very basic language like Pascal just to understand logic, loops, ect...once you get that C sharp syntax for ninjascripts is really pretty self explanatory.