Anyone caught illegally trading stocks will be caught and persecuted... hahaha

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Acumen, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Acumen



    The systematic mistreatment of an individual/group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic ...

    Nice Freudian slip by Bush.
  2. Yea... they made it sound like short selling is some kind of crime, but leveraging billions of bogus paper isn't.

    What a joke...

    Notice how the key phrase was "requires confidence"...

    Some things require confidence to make them work...
    fiat currency
    as such the stock market
    con schemes

    Something that don't require confidence to work...

    The doom and gloom side of me is glad I invested in commodities such as brass and lead if it gets as bad as the overtones of that speech.
  3. ROFL! Did he honestly say that? Ahahah....what an ape.
  4. Joab


    How can you folks just sit by and let BUSH bitch slap you this badly ?

    Honestly, if I were an American I would be losing my mind.

    I expect this shit from my screwed up socialist Canadian government BUT never did I think I would see this in America.
  5. Acumen


    Yeah, he slipped in persecuted for prosecuted. I would be laughing if I wasn't one of the people being persecuted.