Anyone catch FFH?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hapaboy, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. Up 50 POINTS the last 5 trading days.

    Up 15 yesterday alone!

    Wish I could say I did, but I'm not trading listed (yet). So, any of you listed devotees make some cachingo on this one? Be very interested to hear if any of you are making some dough on this illiquid stock. I'd imagine that even deciding to trade it must show that you have pretty high risk tolerances.
  2. Surprised at the non-response.

    FFH is still going great guns and has amazing ranges. In that respect it looks like a darned internet stock from '99!

    I thought there were several listed traders on ET who specialized in thin stocks.....:confused:
  3. Wow...just looked at it. whats the news?
  4. None that I'm aware of, hook.

    But for this stock to be doing what it's doing I'd imagine something has to be going on.

    This had to pop up on every listed trader's scans - surprised noone on ET has mentioned that they've traded it.

    Maybe it's too thin? :confused:
  5. I know of a few traders trading it (and yes, those are traders with huge risk tolerance), but the move happened so quickly, and as you say it is pretty illiquid, that while nearly all of the hundreds of daytraders I've come across the last couple weeks KNOW ABOUT IT, not too many people are trading it (which is why its still pretty illiquid). What's more, I think some of the prop firms are banning people who don't have substantial capital from trading it now.
  6. i've made a killing on it this past week... a new price target came out on it middle of last week

    it seems to be making a correction though (heading back down), probably to the 215-225 range. made some money the last 2 days shorting it. watched it all day yesterday and it looked like the specialist ate a TON of shares trying to prop it up (without much luck)
  7. tyme