anyone catch cnbc around 3:59-4pm today

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    well I did and it was Pisani and Dilan speaking on the floor of the nyse. Now I dont know if I heard this correctly, but I think I heard Pisani say that higher CPI was good, saying that higher demand = a strong economy. Is this guy actually serious, trying to spin off a higher CPI number as being good for an economy.
  2. Didn't hear it but didn't you know in this economy there is no news that ISN'T good news! Bad news is spun good and good news spun great...where is eqt trader with 100% room to go...
  3. Higher demand does mean a stronger economy.

    One cause of inflation is when demand outpaces supply due to a strong economy.

    The fact inflation exists has nothing to do with the economy. It can cause bad things to happen to the economy, but the two are disjoint.
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    I agree with bad news as good and good news as great but to say a strong CPI means greater demand is quite pathetic.

    CPI up due to medical insurance increasing at a rate that no one can believe.
  5. Here is an idea for ya....dont watch CNBC! :)

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    yea too much money chasing to little product, only way to solve it is to raise rates.
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    lets see, I was bored and wanted to see what the market GURUS had to say about this great economy. :p :p :p
  8. "INFLATE.... OR........ DIE"
  9. S2000, you're exactly correct.

    There can be, but isn't at all necessarily a relationship between high CPI data and underlying economic conditions, especially given globalization.

    I guess Pisani wasn't born yet when we had double digit inflation and a terrible recession (stagflation) in 1979 to 1982.

    Pisani is an idiotic cheerleader stooge of CNBC. He always has the same spin.
  10. We the people should not be so sanguine about understanding this situation.

    "Inflate or Die" = BANKRUPTCY for the entire middle class.
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