anyone carrying positions this weekend???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Husky02, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Husky02


    just wondering if anyone was brave enough to carry positions over the weekend and if youre short or long
  2. rs7


    As a hard core former "overnighter", I would rate the quality of taking positions over this weekend as a "minus 2" on a scale of 1-10.

    Only reason I would have taken a single position would be to assure me of getting to my office for the open on Monday. Really it was a "do nothing" close.

    My most very basic criteria were not approached in any respect. I can't think of a single reason to sweat positions on a weekend like this. Market on Friday. World events and possibilities over the weekend. Everything added up to a big zero in my opinion.

    Having said this, I will mention that for whatever reason, statistically, Friday to Monday follow through was the best overall for at least the span of my overnighting (starting in mid '96). But you need something to follow through to get it. Friday what was there? (in honesty, I took off the afternoon....maybe there was something I am not aware of, but on the surface.....)

  3. qdz2


    You bet, absolutely. Come on, manipulators. Run your overnight analysis. Take all advantage of the PDT rules you lobbied. Benefit from all your manipulation techniques. Come and screw me. i want to see how much you can do than you already had. If you cannot do it, small investors will not run to futures market and feed your allies there.

  4. sallyboy

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    Yep, got some over week-enders! Exited half of a long swing trade at the close of the big rally Thursday and haven't exited the other half yet. And I entered a new long on Friday morning.

    Still feel there is a bit left in the move at the very least. But I wouldn't be surprised if Monday is a soft day with some retrenchment.
  5. lescor


    I haven't carried overnights much at all in almost two years, but I'm short this weekend. SPY, PHM, KBH, EK, FNM, QQQ april puts.

    Not real big size, but if this rally does rollover and fail, I think October lows are gone. Look at the QQQ trendline from the December high through the January high. Thursday's rally stopped right on it. So some small risk for a potential big reward.
  6. Although I have taken overnights over the last couple years, I can't remember the last time I took a weekend... most of my trades are intraday scalps...
  7. KavMan


    Nope , I'm all cash right now
    Just can't get a feel if markets wanna go up or down
    Feels great being all cash right now :D
  8. nitro


    Yes...small...2500 shares, net long...

  9. long a little bit of GE and TGT, short a little BAC and PEP, but long PEP calls (I don't know if you call that a "ratio" spread or just plain stupid).

    And of course I still own 100 shares of THV from back when praetorian2 used to be so fond of them.
  10. lundy


    as an overnighter myself, i'd rate this 7 out of 10 that we gap down, without closing the gap on monday.

    I'm not playing it overnight, but if we gap down, I definitely won't be buying it.... very possibly shorting it.

    if we gap up on monday, i don't think we'll close the gap same day either.
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