Anyone can help me gather information about trading consultant

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  1. Hi, My name is Ikuo from Japan.

    I'm enjoying viewing this forum. I'm a beginner trader, so I'm looking for some information about American trading consultant who has good reputation by selling their own product (like manual and information products).
    I would like to figure out which consultants are best seller in U.S.

    If you could help me and give me any information about "top 10 selling consultant in U.S.
    I'll offer a reward of $50.

    My e-mail address is
    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Ikuo Mori
  2. hello,
    The "best selling" means nothing, it only means that the guy has more money to market. period. now please deposit the $50 to save the whales fund.....
    the best systems for free can be found from posts on ET and tested on your favorite back testing harness.....
  3. Thanks for your reply!

    I know what you mean, the best selling means nothing.
    But it is important for me to research them because I want to figure out what they did and what kind of person they are.
    So if you know about them, could you send me message?
    I really really got to know, but I can't do anything about getting information! So I need someone to help me!

    Ikuo :)
  4. I do not believe these people are in the business of training or selling software or trading methods but reading these websites might answer some of your questions.

    According to the website Jack Schwager, author of the "Market Wizards" book is associated with

    You might google search the names on these lists and learn how they trade:

    I remember reading mutual fund web sites to learn trading strategy and observe results.

    Year 2005 this mutual fund reports annual turnover of 12% and returns about twice that of the Standard and Poors 500 index. You might want to study the web site to discover the reason why their returns are so large and turnover so low. some articles there.
  5. There is a guy in the Virgin Island who is an ex-turtle also software developer for mechanical trading systems. named Curtis Faith, he also has a forum etc might want to include him in the list.

    The other famous person is Ed Seykota who has a "Tribe" in Apline Village, Nevada - (sort of teaches traders)

    Both these guys have huge following in the US and worldwide as they are very very well known and proven themselves in the battlefield of trading...

    I would suggest to plug these names into ET's search engine and see the huge volume and start reading...



    P.S. since most everything in life comes in threes you might want to include Woodie in this picture, I did not (originally) as I am not a big proponent of daytrading and that what Ken Wood (Woodie), teaches FOR FREE
  6. Wow, That's a great site. Plenty of information there.

    I didn't realize how I use exclamation mark until you tell me, that is the most funny thing for me!!!:)

    Maybe you know more about seminar tutors, so one more information, please.

  7. Ikuo,

    How old are you?

    Do you have a day job?

    Also, what do you mean by Trading Consultant?

    Seems like you're looking to learn how to trade. We call those vendors Trading Advisory Service or Trading Education services. Or Mentoring Service.

    We don't use the term Trading Consultants here in the US. Probably your Japanese-English Translator is not working well enough.

    Finally, there's a 95% failure rate for fluent native English speakers learning these books. Imagine the rate it would be to succeed as a gaijin (Yes, ikuo, you're a Gaijin in the US). Anyways, you're wasting money trying to buy these things. Of course learning the basics are important but just because you read a bunch of books, it doesn't make you profitable.

    It's like those Martial Arts Otakus reading Martial Arts Instruction books all the time. They know a lot of stuff but they can't do any of it. The way you get strong in martial arts, is to actually move your body and work out, not studying. Trading is the same way, I'll probably get 4-5 essential books about the market and start trading.

    This is a friendly advice from another Japanese to another.
  8. Thanks for your advise,

    I understand what you said, but I just want to learn about trading, and would like to decide if I start trading or not.
    So I'm gathering information.
    Sorry for my Japanese-English, I have no idea of how to describe it.


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