Anyone buying Vista?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by notouch, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I've briefly tried it out and other than the fact that it looks quite pretty I can't see any obvious benefits. I suspect that in spite of Microsoft's claims that this is the most secure Windows ever, there will be a deluge of security issues before a service pack (or two) finally makes it stable. I'll probably stick with XP for at least another year but does anyone plan to "upgrade"?
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    Most _definetly_ yes.


    .Net 3.0, the most important change in .Net for me is Windows Communication Foundation.

    I am not clear on how much of these APIs that are new to Vista will be included in XP and Server 2003...

  3. for an end user i see no reason to upgrade. you'll have to upgrade your hardware as well for it, and mostly what you get in return is video game like user interface and not much else over what was offered in XP. just wait for the next OS, should be out in 3-4 years.
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    That is probably not correct, at least not for trader end users. For example, the TCP/IP stack has been rewritten and it is quite a bit faster than previous versions. Every trader is dependent on a fast network stack for faster quotes and faster executions....

    There are also some other exciting new features of Vista that will probably change the way end users use GUIs forever...

  5. so it will help boost inet speed? i doubt it, but i'll give it a try anyway.

    as for the GUI, i just tested Office 2007, omg that was a scary experience. i rolled back to office 2003 and will probably stay there for quite a while.
  6. Just like every other version

    You mean Microsoft will get to suck out an extra 100-200 bucks for the service packs like with all previous versions. Kinda hard to imagine that the same trick will keep working over and over and over....

    I won't touch Vista with a 10-foot pole, XP is just fine, best version yet since they took out DOS. To be honest, I've never directly paid for Windows, it either came with the PC or I had a "special" copy. Certainly not going to start now.

    Get a good firewall, learn how to configure Windows and twink it and you'll be just fine.
  7. Schaefer


    If one has been around computers long enough, one should know, never to rush out and become a beta tester. Especially, if you have to pay, to buy the software in the first place.

    As with any new releases, there will be compatibility problems, wait a while, let somebody play beta tester, sort out some of the problems, then re-evaluate the situation.

    Happy trading :)
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    After extensive beta testing i decided that vista was not right for me. The GUI is real pretty but unfortunately my older trading platforms refused to work or even load. Only time will tell if MS has truly plugged the security holes in windows but based on past experience, I doubt it. Bottom line for me. Not worth the upgrade for the eye candy and fluff. I'll stick with XP Pro with security provided by 3rd party apps.
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