anyone buy these PUTS at the end of the day today?

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  1. anyone buy these PUTS at the end of the day today?...


    I'm thinking you should opinion only...
  2. pumped to see where these end up tomorrow morning...
  3. Did you buy puts or only paper trade?
  4. taipan77


    I think you're safe with betting against INTC. The charts broke down you are kind of a few days late though. Luckily the first quarter is normally bad for the tech sector. I know first hand because a few years ago I got my pee pee spanked in the first quarter by the techs.
  5. F - POS company, POS cars, POS stock

    hope the market takes this right back down to reality: $3
  6. optionsxpress demo...being real with you
  7. Onevoice


    I think you must be living in 2002. Go test drive a 2010 Ford model and compare it to a Toyota or Honda. They are much better now.
  8. FXI headed south...big time...sweet on the put action
  9. Papers trading CATS should refrain from giving out advice on what trades to opinion only...

  10. One out of 5 is pretty poor odds.

    As all the regulars here already know buying calls or puts to try and time market moves is historically a really poor strategy.
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