Anyone but Rick Perry

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bond_trad3r, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. To the Ron Paul, Obama, Independent, and Republican voters. Let's vote as a block to ensure we don't end up with anyone Texan in the white house. Anyone but Rick Perry!
  2. I'd never vote for Perry
  3. wildchild


    Lets vote against Texan, just because. Democrats certainly think deep.
  4. 377OHMS


    Not a thing you can do.

    All of us in flyover country who are clinging to our guns and religion have had enough of idiots like you and will be electing Rick Perry and Marco Rubio to the Whitehouse for 8 years.

    The inertia is undeniable. Perry has been very good for Texas and will be good for the USA.

    Not sure anyone on ET listens to you anyway bond_trad3r. I mean, its clear you don't trade bonds so why would anyone believe anything else you say? You're like AK-47 with a nickname that has very little to do with any real experience you've had. Like him, you're a faker and a schmuck.
  5. And your mother is a meth head prostitute with webbed feet
  6. You're quite the delusional little fellow
  7. 377OHMS


    They hate Texas.

    They hate Texas for its industry, for its thrift, for its devoutness. They hate that Texas, outside of a few freaks in Austin, is a conservative state. They hate that Kennedy was killed there. They hate that Texas produces leader after leader that is capable of running the country better than any liberal. They hate Texas for its guns. They hate Texas for its history.

    They prefer a Chicago machine politician with *ZERO* job experience and a resume that cites "Community Organizer" as its main feature. They prefer a man who cannot produce proof or certification of live birth in the United States. They prefer a man who cannot release his university transcripts due to his poor grades. They prefer a man who admits to heavy drug use including cocaine. They prefer a man who made dozens of campaign promises that he had no intent of fulfilling.

    They are not moral men. They are not deliberate men. They are happy to take their livelihood from the industry of others. They are liberals.
  8. Cant say I disagree with your definition of liberal, but I've spent 2 years in Texas, and I'm not entirely sure that's a whole group of people I want running the show. On a personal level, I'm not saying they're bad folks, I'm... you know what, it's all good. I didn't have any major problems in Texas (except for the east side of Texas). I mean, what the heck does Averica still have to lose? America just has a bunch of gay parades, special interest holidays and......oh yeah, American Idol.