Anyone bought $0.0001 per share stocks and why?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tonyzhou, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Wondering if anyone here bought $0.0001 per share stocks before and why?
  2. Yes, because I was a newbie dumb ass at the time. IF the company could just get to a dollar I'd be a multi millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well maybe like .002 but the reason remains the same. Just plain newbie stupidity, delusion and buying hope of the dream of easy riches.

    OP, Have you ever bought a Powerball lotto ticket ?
  3. My very first stock trade was ICOA for like .0003 I believe. I bought like a million shares and sold them for .0005 and thought I was the man hahaha. I bought again for .0002 a month later and still have them hiding in my account 2 or 3 years later worth nothing! Still holding out for $1 lmao (it costs to have worthless stocks removed from your portfolio with Etrade so no sense in selling)
  4. They are paying $160 each for a worthless piece of nonsense like Bitcoin, so by comparison, u guys am genii
  5. I do buy $0.0001 stock every month for purpose. Because I do, I know that the volume is not small, so that's why I am asking this question. Maybe other guys purpose is the same as me. Just want to know if any one doing these like me. (The purpose is not to expect to profit, since I know they will not go up forever)
  6. What is your purpose in buying .0001 stocks?