Anyone Betting on Facebook?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cactiman, May 31, 2012.

  1. Opened a small initial position today in Facebook, with FB @ 27.19.
    (via Bull Put Credit Spread)
    Bet: FB will close @25 or higher on 01/18/13.
    Possible Net Gain: 79.63%
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  2. I'm betting against FB by way of $20 July puts. So far, so good. FB could turn into a fiasco.
  3. Facebook has lost almost $40 billion dollars in valuation since its high of $45 per share less than 2 weeks ago. Has any other company in history that wasnt going bankrupt lost that much without any negative news?

    I will buy facebook when it reaches $1.
  4. Cool.
    More risk = more reward.
    How LOW will it go?

    After FB finds a bottom (mid to low 20's?), I'm hoping 7-8 months is enough time for Zmuckface & Co. to figure out a way to monetize and make it go back up!
    We'll see.
  5. FB is a tough buy. Why would I want to guess before seeing a quarter?
  6. i am betting you won't see a nickel...........:)

    i luv when they open it with a gap

    gap close and the puke.

    beans in the teens.


  7. Actually, I'm a lot more optimistic about FB's future than you are. I would think GOOG will buy them out before they hit $4.
  8. Here's hoping for a rally so that I can pick up those $16 July puts for an all-or-nothing nickel.

  9. diversify your holdings, get some of this loser too.

    they all go to zero.

    some just sooner than others.


  10. Rate of descent is changing. Took my little profit. I can afford lunch today (hamburger and coffee + 25-cent tip). Hoping for a rally so's I can get back in.
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