anyone been to japan?

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    a mate of mine said he was in a restaurant in japan.

    THE dish on the menu was ordered. there was a great ceremony as the dish was delivered to the table. so expensive was this delicacy, that it was served in a bowl of pure gold!

    and what food would deserve such pomp and ceremony?

    whale sperm.

    i shit you not. this is what i woz told. anyone else been to japan and can verify this? i wonder how they get it out?
  2. Maybe it was sperm whale?
  3. did he swallow in one bite or did he let the dish drip down his chin???:D
  4. Well, they put the whale in a room, with some magazines..............................
  5. Are you sure it wasn't a Sperm whale? =) I've been to Japan on 3 occasions and never seen it served. I've eaten Natto, which only seems like whale sperm.
  6. The Japanese call minkes "cockroaches of the sea", serve their sperm as a delicacy, and their meat as burgers to fast-food addicts. Since the 1986 international moratorium on whaling, Japan has taken, under the guise of "scientific research", 7,900 minkes, 243 Bryde's whales, 140 sei whales and 38 sperm whales. And despite the use of grenade-tipped harpoons, there is no humane way to kill an animal this big: when an ailing right whale was stranded on a Cape Town beach recently, the police were advised by scientists to attach explosives to the animal's head and blow it up.
  7. Have'nt seen that on iron chef yet:eek:
  8. That is not too out of line for Japan cuisine. Either the food or the style in which it is served.
  9. No, they really do eat some weird s**t.
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