Anyone been to a Mark Douglas Seminar?

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  1. Hi Gang,

    I read Trading in the Zone and The Disciplined Trader - I especially like Trading in the Zone.

    I now have an invite to go to his live seminar - 2.5 days, $1500 cost + trip so about $2,000 total.

    Doesn't seem like a lot considering how much money that book has saved me....


    Any true feedback much appreciated. (No shills, please)



    PS I'm just now hitting profitable by using some of the mental techniques - but if it is just a repeat of the book then I'll save the $$$
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    Haven't been but I agree with you about Trading in the Zone. Great book. I did hear Mark give a keynote speech at the Online Trading Seminars sponsored by the Money Show people in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. It was right before the book came out and he was talking about the ideas in the book. So it was great. I was very impressed but that seems like a lot of money to me for the seminar. But I couldn't tell you what's involved. Maybe you can call them by going to his website (Phone 480-314-1901 - email and just ask them. Good luck. If you do go let us know how it was. :)
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    "Casinos make consistent profits day after day...facilitating an event that has a purely random
    outcome. At the same time, most traders believe that the outcome of the markets' behavior is not
    random, yet can't seem to produce consistent profits...

    Here's what makes thinking in probabilities so difficult. It requires two layers of beliefs that on the
    surface seem to contradict each other. We'll call the first level the micro level...where you have to
    believe in the uncertainty and unpredictability of the outcome of each individual hand. The second
    layer is the macro level...where you have to believe that the outcome over a series of hands played is
    relatively certain and predictable...

    It's the ability to believe in the unpredictability of the game at the micro level and simultaneously
    believe in the predictability of the game at the macro level, that makes the casino and the professional
    gambler effective and successful at what they do. Their belief in the uniqueness of each hand
    prevents them from engaging in the pointless endeavor of trying to predict the outcome of each
    individual hand.

    They have learned and completely accepted the fact that they don't know what's going to happen
    next. More importantly, they don't need to know in order to make money consistently."

    Excerpt from "Trading in the Zone." © 2000, Mark Douglas, All rights reserved.
  4. I already have all the info, just looking for some honest opinions as to whether or not it is worth it - I feel that I've worked through most of the issues new traders have but I wouldn't mind "nailing it home".

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  6. I don't have experience with his particular seminar but I have an alternate suggestion should you decide that the seminar will be somewhat redundant to what is in the book which I agree was outstanding.

    My suggestion is,

    Take that 1500 bucks and go to the online trading exp instead. You will get a lot of info (seminars) free but you could also spend that 1500 on the following.

    Alexander Elders seminar 200 bucks, steve nison 300 and Linda Raschke which is 700 bucks and which is supposed to be one of the best trading seminars going the last few years.

    I have not been but had a friend see Raschke and he said it was money well spent.

    Elder will likely talk a good bit about trading psychology if that is mainly what you are interested in.

    The 300 bucks you save throw toward the room, food, and drinks.



    p.s. Where is the Douglas seminar?
  7. Thanks for the great suggestion - seeing Nison would be awesome I bet.

    Since I live in Seattle, NYC is a long way to go but the Expo is coming to Las Vegas in November.

    Sounds like the makings of a working vacation and all of the lovely Trader Status perks :)

    However the Mark Douglas seminar has a maximum of 15 people and it is for 2.5 days so I bet it is more intensive. That is why it is so damned expensive.

    The Douglas Workshop will be held in Scottsdale, AZ.

    Thanks again,