Anyone aware of firms providing tax payment services

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  1. Hey, I failed to notice the deadline for tax payment on last month. So, I got some overdue on my tax returns. It was a huge process to settle the tax returns after the deadline. I paid penalties for late payment last day and made everything clear now. I don't want to repeat the same next time. So, I'm thinking to approach companies providing tax payment plans near Toronto to meet my tax payments regularly. I don't have any previous experience with such firms. So, I have some doubts regarding such firms. Are they trustworthy? Do they perform everything on our behalf accurately? If anyone has any experience with such firms, please let me know.
  2. if you are paying taxes you need to study up on how to avoid having to pay taxes.
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    Whomever did your taxes should have notified you a few months before tax deadline to have your taxes done by alert, phone call or slug mail alert.

    Also, get a wall calendar, board for the wall, multiple alerts in your cell phone calendar to notify you a month prior and then again 1 week prior to the tax deadline...very inexpensive cheap solutions so that you will not miss another tax deadline.

    In addition, contact the CRA about setting up "quarterly tax payments" so that by tax owe very little or get money back because of an overpayment.