Anyone awaiting the Visa IPO?

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  1. Reports are 4th quarter of this year for the Visa IPO. This could be the next huge stock. The next Google per say? Is anyone waiting for this monster in the rough?
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    im hearing 2008.
  3. No way it does a MA performance or you will get burned.
  4. Hard to say if Visa will out perform right out of the gates as mastercard did. Visa is positioning for international markets more so then MA. Could be a slower start but will have more long run potential.

    Joe Saunders was named CEO. He is the god of credit cards. He worked with ma on first ipo and then was headhunted for the job with Visa. He brough providian out of the crapper from 2 to 24 in 2 years. Had buy out offer and 17 said no then sold at 24.

    anything associated with saunders has turned to gold in credit card industry and visa ipo will be no differnt
  5. Joseph Saunders did an EXCELLENT job at Providian. He was very focused and systematic. What I loved about what he did there was he was able to build a GREAT management team out of the gate.

    Look forward to seeing what he does with VISA.
  6. locked and loaded...
  7. The Easy money will be made GETTING in - if you're buying that thing as soon as it hits the market, you'll have another NYMEX
  8. This is thr next MA

    buy @ IPO and hold for a few years.
  9. I think it will be close to impossible to get into ipo imo. I will get in as soon as possible.

    It cant see it exploding like ma because ma did not have the compeition.
  10. Visa dominates

    global marketshare..absolutely huge
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