anyone attend the wharton seminar in NY on starting a hedge fund?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mgarc, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. mgarc


    wanted to go to that even today but it was sold out.
  2. Sounds like hedge funds in the 00's are like dot coms in the 90's. Everyone has one.
  3. Yep, there will be a fallout in the HF world soon. Especially all these microfunds with expensive staff to pay. It's like everyone has a hf now or wants to start one. There will be a cleansing in the industry... It will be bloody...
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    PUFFY... Good one. HEY, you wana start up a hedge PUFFY, me, you, pull in Surfer, and Res, Backwardation and hell, we will even get nitro his own Room with is own Chat. Hell we will even through LOS in the ROOM with a BULL HORN so he can yell out RALLYS and SELLS.

    Yaaah thats the ticket