Anyone also short Soybeans.....

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Cygnus Atratus, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. And not to be left behind Soybeans follows through -10.3 , perhaps the Chinese demand will slump as well.

    Pub economics :D
  2. I might as well reply to myself (too many years alone) down 100 ticks today, :D am l alone but occassionally l feel like ignoring my rules and plunging like a mad man !!! Could either lose my shirt or make a decent amount :p
  3. soy too fast for me today or im too chicken im not sure which
    but i actually listened to myself and messed with corn and oats. gotta love the funds! this volatility will last forever right?:p
  4. I went short Monday open, and have never been taunted so much by people l considered friends. Have you looked at the open interest on Soybeans, textbook stuff. So far my perceptions,beliefs and thoughts of market action have been rewarded. :p
  5. Let them taunt while you collect the 160+ ticks of movement soybeans have given up to the downside

    100 ticks today alone :)

    Soy is your friend. :)

    Corn too. :)