Anyone actually succeeding?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TheFinn, Jan 8, 2001.

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    Bravo:) :) :) ...thank god your willing to share and help others...your right get it all back!!!!!! Its because of good people like you that helps keep others from making many mistakes...I think of it like this...we all learn how to drive a car: we are all taught by someone, and for the most part millions of us drive on the road safely. I wonder what would happen if we decided to keep it a secret ????:eek:
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    As many say here “IMHO”, and since I'm a newbe to trading; (but not to life), I’ve got to add my 2c. ALL endeavors are divided upon the Law Of The Universe of 80/20! Normally only 20% of the people can become really successful in anything, and they then earn 80% of the rewards. Check most anything to confirm this. All I've ever ask of anything new that I've ever tried is to show me that at least 10% of the participants are in fact making the money I seek. Then it is just up to me to get myself up to speed! I'll take that challenge. Sure 80% fail, but that is not new nor unusual.
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  4. I've been trading successfully for over 4 years now. However, I think if I would start right now, I would not make it, the market has changed so so so much, during my short trading career. If I wouldn't learn all the things I learned then, I doubt I would succeed now. However, if you try now, and don't lose money, you will be ready for whatever is going to happen next, whenever it is going to happen, could be years.
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