Anyone actually succeeding?

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  1. TheFinn


    This is a bit off-topic, but what is the standard symbol for the Nasdaq futures (I know it is "spooz" at", but I mean the symbol that would be at or where ever) and the S&P futures? Is the Nasdaq 100 the same as the Nasdaq futures? I am refering to the full-contract futures. And when you look at the futures indicators do you just look at the indicator or do you use stochastics or something? Thanks.
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  2. Dustin


    I don't watch the full contracts, just the e-mini's. But the symbols for each vary by quote provider. For example:

    Nasdaq 100 e-mini's - CME:NQ01H
    S&P e-minis - CME:ES01H
    S&P regular futures - CME:SP01H

    <u>CyberTrader:</u>(not sure if these are e-minis or reg)
    Nasdaq 100 - /ndh1
    S&P 500 - /sph1

    The symbols for futures change 4 times per year at expiration. At the 01 is for 2001 and the H is for March expiration. The other quarters are:
    June - M
    Sept - U
    Dec - Z (where spoo<u>z</u> came from)

    I watch the T&S of the futures (not just charts). I also use rsi, stochastics on the charts too.
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  3. gemini_315

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    Some of the successes mentioned here are very impressive. Just to get an idea of longer term returns, would you please post 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year (and longer if possible) returns of your trading.

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  4. Dustin


    Hmm...I wonder who will be willing to respond to this :D

    1999: 100%
    2000: 700%
    2001: 50% (So far, on a bigger account)

    Percentage results don't really tell the whole story because beginning stake really skews it.
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  5. Eldredge


    Glad to see you are still profitable. I appreciate your posts. Are you still focusing on one stock? Would you still suggest the same criteria and or stocks as you did earlier in the year?
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  6. Dustin


    In all honesty the money I have made was from Jan-April. Since then only my brokers have made money. Once the volume picks up (hopefully starting today) I will get back into my scalping methods using LLTC/MXIM which fit that criteria pretty well. I've also been experimenting with pairs trading, but I think scalping will always be my "bread & butter".
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  7. limbo


    Dustin what is pairs trading and how does it work please?-much thanks.
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  9. Dustin,

    I wonder what kind of strategy you use for scalping. One of my who use to scalp 1k shares for 1/16 or 1/8. After Nasdaq go decimal, she cannot make money any more.

    I am just curious how you manage to scalp and made money in this decimal trading market.
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  10. tradex21


    The Finn First of all read "Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator" by Edwin LeFevre(1926) it is the most important book ever written by far about trading and more importantly about organizing your thought processes. Number Two Don't waste your time in these message board "rooms", all you are going to do is learn bad habits and herd opinions. Watch the markets, study the markets.:cool:
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