Anyone actually make living from trading?

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    Trading is trading, whether product for money or day trading or long term trading. I already have him doing longer term and even after skipping some, he nailed down few winners, not huge, but for a guy who can pick out all the losing trades, four winning anything in a row is huge. He is uncanny finding the crappy trades in anything, but due to rules he has in place for not taking trades, it is much tougher for him to lose, since Trump won the election, we in another wave up. Buddy has to learn he can make trades by doing same things over, no trades at flea market cause if done at market value would violate a rule, so he has to see if he can wait till he gets his price, it better if he spends entire day not buying anything cause no one would reduce price than him to buy up at cost. Some folks you have to change from office setting to outside for them to gain confidence in themselves.

    Tony Robbins has people walk across coals, how dangerous is this to gain confidence.
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    ROFLMAO, funny movie, everything was going wrong for Winthorpe, couldn't even get gun to work when he wanted it.

    Here is another delightful movie.

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  3. I'm reminded of that quote "he who speaks does not know, he who knows does not speak"...
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    Tao Te Ching
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    Don't care what someone tells me, if it looks dangerous, I am not doing it.
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    1. Since no one knows who you are, what is the point of #2?

    2. As for # 3, to run down some unknown person you have never met and will never meet, why bother?

    You sir, and many others here often did #4 to help us out and I for one appreciate that very much.

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    You sir, clearly, never met any humans yet....

    Why post a fake Youtube video/message board post about paper wins/loses, when your identity is not revealed? Yet people do that...
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