Anyone actually make living from trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade5656, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Zzzz1


    where can I sign up for your paid course?

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  2. newwurldmn


    Before you do, make sure you see a picture of him standing on top of a yacht as proof of his trading success.
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  3. Vindago


    I am a discretionary trader my edge is me, myself and I...
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  4. motif


    The thing is, unless traders show you their stats, profits, etc, how do you know if they're successful or not? Unfortunate but true.
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  5. motif


    There's no such thing as a born loser. They are people who haven't reached their potential yet.
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  6. Handle123


    LOL, I am helping a guy who has lost for 30 years, he even once leased out a seat at CBOE so he thought trading in the exchange would help him get profitable, he knows more about ever indicator than I do, he has dropped over one million bucks trying to learn to trade. At what point do you think you want to change your way of thinking? I have him going for hypnosis to try to bypass his problems of not pulling the trigger in first seven trades that go by. It not like he is not smart, but as you loss for very long time, it is not the systems, it is a mental breakdown of loss of confidence in oneself dealing with trading. I have him going to a flea market on Sunday tomorrow to practice making deals, buying small items and start at 25% discount and never ever buy sticker price. He needs to get into a habit that he can control his buying/selling, but told him he has to make 50 different attempts, write down results and email that to me. Trading is about doing the same thing over and over. Maybe this might help him that any trade has same chance as one just done or next one to happen.

    But I know trading has cost him two wives and families, what is their potential? There is no defeat in stopping what you are not good at when other people's lives at stake, many men don't take this into consideration.
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  7. This...Nature vs Nurture...debate made me think of the movie Trading Places, 1983
    Winthorpe in the end is kind of doing what I'm doing...timing the day's major Up and Down points, or resistance levels.
    Placing just one or two big bets.

    "'s not luck, Todd."
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  8. algofy


    30 years??? He needs to give it up and move on.
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  9. motif


    Losing one million dollars is no laughing matter.
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  10. algofy


    I don't see how chasing around flea market deals is gonna help this guy. Sounds like another wasted time/effort/money
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