Anyone actually make living from trading?

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    Second that. We often try to reduce observations to little things we can understand and rationalize away. I think you know better than anyone that you can see people in China, for example, walking around in all sorts of clothing. And if one must group clothing styles you probably can confirm that you will find any sort of people in any group, rich people dressed in some lousy clothes, poor people borrowing to the hilt to pretend to have. Rich people dressing in expensive clothing, poor people wearing shit. And anything in between. Life is more complex and often times it is difficult or at least wrong to reduce people to categories. We must summarize to talk statistics but otherwise such summaries or stereotypes tend to lead astray.

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  2. It seems like we on the same oage, clothing was just an example of many ways to be vocal
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    well...ok but you must not be a morning person. With a name like ZZZZ...LOL. Gary wasn't either but he finally did well in the markets. How about yu? Did you ever wake up and do well?
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    Are you surf?!?!?!?
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    It seems like people are only on these forums for few reasons:

    1. Learn something about how to trade or bounce ideas around
    2. Brag
    3. Run other people down
    4. Help other people who are struggling or learning
    5. Light entertainment

    I have no use for #2 and #3.
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    #5 for me although when I come across pompess jerks #3 and sometimes light #2
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    Once you figure it out trading becomes relatively boring so between one trade and the other we kill time on ET.

    I could explain in details how I trade and it would be of very little use to you as that would be my way to trade and more likely than not it was not work for you.

    You need to find your own way, a way that suits you, no shortcut is allowed...
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    Let's test your theory, I disagree. If you have a statistically repeatable edge I bet I can also use it to make money.
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    I make a living by trading. Believe it or not, but Al Brooks was very helpful to me.
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  10. Yes I make a living off of trading and Ibdid start with a small account. I did make some mistakes along the way. Now I work 4 hours a day live in a nice house and drive nice cars. Anyone who wants to trade for a living can succeed.
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