Anyone actually make living from trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade5656, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. DeltaRisk


    Investing is different than selling.

    If you’ve got an extra 100k laying around, and can qualify as accredited..... I’m here.

    Everyone here has already got more than one “hint,” you just have to read through my ego.
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  2. lylec305


    IMHO there are many making a living from trading on ET. Hint, don't try to hit homers everytime. Hit singles and doubles until it comes down the pipe, you'll see the stitching on the ball. Then hit it with everything you learnt along the way and follow thru. Remember not to hurt yourself, there's always tomorrow.
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  3. ironchef


    Great advice. Thank you.
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  4. ironchef


    Can you kindly explain this.o_O

    1. Are you saying I should send you $100K and you will trade for me?

    2. Or are you saying I should send you $100K to pay you to teach me how to trade?

    Investing/trading is not a spectator sport.
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  5. speedo


    Things were relatively a lot cheaper in the "Beat" days but a houseboat in Marin County is a good way to go :cool:
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  6. truetype


    Stealth vendor?
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  7. DeltaRisk


    The prior, not the latter.

    I’ve got docs I send to friends and family, just expanding to a new space.
    #207     Jan 3, 2018
  8. speedo


    Ah "space", the great frontier.
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  9. volpri


    Oh sh?t ROFLMAO ....ROFLMAO...ROFLMAO...Rofl...MAO.....
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  10. DeltaRisk


    I never said I sell to Joe the doctor.
    I merely pitch to investors whom are qualified. There will be no investors seminar from me.

    Please clean your act up.
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