Anyone actually make living from trading?

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    Thats why most fail and are angry, they are told they need enough money to make it work so they throw in there entire life savings, lose a bit, want it back gamble harder and harder to its all gone, then they havent got enough to ever try again.
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    Thanks for the compliment. But PLEASE don't pay retail for this old book written in 1999. Buy a used copy. That way neither I nor the publisher is enriched. Not that it has been very enriching seeing my *total* royalties the past five years has been under $500.
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    Are you Junkster?
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  5. yes they are but most are not here on ET, why would they? to chat with YOU or ME??? hahahahah,,,,, i know two people trading for living, one still trades via the phone in terms of how he puts his orders. he is just used to it. both older, been at it 30 years plus before i was born
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    The following below is a quote by you and it perfectly describes why you are writing books and do not trade profitably. You described how you committed almost every cardinal sin there is in trading in one paragraph. And after you did everything wrong a trader can do wrong, you of course became profitable "up up and away".lol.what a disillusioned crowd here.

    " The problem was I only had around $2300 left in my brokerage account. A few more bad trades and I was under $2000. That forced me to borrow $1000 to get my account back over $2000. Fortunately, the first trade I made after overhauling my trading was one of my best in years as I made $1,473.72 in cocoa. That singular trade, small as it may have been in hindsight, gave me something I had been sorely lacking and that was confidence. From then on out it was up, up, and away. I became consistently profitable in my trading endeavors and began my steady march to my ultimate goal of becoming not just a millionaire trader, but a multi millionaire trader."

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    But still a guy who writes books and does not trade.good luck following the trading advice of a humble and honest book writer.

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    Holy crap . I wonder whats next on the used car dealer wash list.

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  9. trade5656,

    You may think the post here is depressing, but I love ET forum. Why I love it? Because I am gaining knowledge how to make income to feed my family from experienced traders who is serious about this business.

    It does not matter what some other trader is doing to make money, what matters is what are you doing about your trading business and how will you make money. This is a losing money business as with any other business in the world.

    Talking about losing money is a very very positive discussion. Because if you lose more money then you make and you don't know why, eventually you will lose it all.

    I am a non profitable trader, this does not mean I can not logically give advice to you on how to make money trading.

    There are 1000 million ways to make money trader and about 10 million other ways to stay consistent making money trader.

    Which one will you pick and which consistent path will you take is the only question. Enjoy these forums because its the knowledge and logical and non basis opinions is priceless.
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  10. yes they are about losing money cuz the poeple here at least the majority is here to learn and improve, if i made a million trading u think i would be here posting for u??? come on man, be logical, the ones making money are 1 working their butt off so when they are done 2 they are out enjoying it or doing other stuff 3 the successful ones might not be here at all to begin with, i know 2 that arent

    do u expect all the people in a doctors office not to be sick? of course not, cuz the reason they are there is cuz they are sick other wise they wouldnt be at the doctors to begin with
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