anyome else go long

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  1. pumper has some balls,anyone else? i think its too damn dangerous to go long with the hopes of a pop/gap up at the open on monday
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    There's guessing, gambling and trading. I try to stick to the 3rd one whenever possible. Better R/R.
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    About a month ago the market sold off greatly and everyone thought it was headed further down, well it bounced where some stocks saw some impressive gains. Im bearish, but looking for a bounce like we had the last 2 days, if AXP didnt announce that news after hours last night I think the market could have put in another day of gains. Im looking for a bounce going into the fed meeting followed by more selling, if earnings dont show anything great look for new lows on all indexes within the next 6 months.
  4. i tend to agree with you on that.
  5. I'll buy dips like this at anytime. Market doesn't snap back Monday morning +50-100 Dow, so be it. There will be more sucker rallies to sell into.

    I have never done well buying into rallies. I bought the last dip long last week and it worked out into the Bernanke pump and dump. I left some profits on the table on the follow through but thats the way it goes.... I do have plenty downside protection still... Just looking to scalp some upside on the rallies....
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    12500dow has yet to be violated so a trading range is what i see...also intc earnings on tuesday could turn market up...or was pretty brutal after yesterdays nice turn around.
    i traded a grand total of 200 mcd today for 19 cent bounce- a 28$net gain!!not interested in the wicked whipsaw-bad for nerves...i got cornholed on intc last week also so i have to be mega conservative right now...
  8. The overnight milking the futures has started again. Sell the opening pop if she holds in the morning and fade it or we she be manipulated higher all day?

    I can just hear the media pumping rate cut OVER and gay.
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    i will wait till wed to see the CPI numbers before going long...

    Tuesday is PPI and retail sale..

    also C will be reporting earnings on tues

    another 10 bln lossess + div cut...
  10. Eh, the div cut's priced in. I don't think anyone's expecting to actually collect 8% vig on that sucker.
    Net made money last week, but was expecting a stronger rally than we got before Friday's mini-disaster. This week should be a long one, at least for the first few days, just as follow-through to this week's aborted action.
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