Anyhone want to make 22.5% in 1.5 years?

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  1. Hi,

    First I would like to say that I'm not Nigerian and not a scam artist lol.

    Long story short. I have about $236,000 in a trust that will all be distributed to me in september 2012. Everything is in well diversified mutual funds, emerging markets, bonds, metals. ect. I need $30,000 dollars now , I will give the lender 22.5% so $36,750 when I receive the inheritance sept 2012. I am the only one that has any interest in the trust. The trustee, is stubborn and won't give me this money (its for a down payment ) and says to just wait. The property I have my eye on can't wait IMO.

    If anyone wants to make a pretty much risk free 22.5% in the next year and a half then please PM me . I have all the documents, will, asset holding information ect. You can draft the contract so you get the deal that you expect.


    Let the trust fund baby jokes begin.
  2. Have you asked the trustee if he/she would lend you the money?
  3. where did 22.5% come from.
  4. 22.5 percent is a number that I decided I am comfortable paying. And yes I have asked the trustee, said I need to wait because the will says I have to wait until im 25 to get anything and she wants to follow it too a T. Thing is my father was going to amend the will after I turned 18 but never got around to it. he made the will when I was 13. He died when i was 18 . Im 23 now.

    Disregard the other post by "sharkey" in chit chat that outlines the same deal. it's me using a different name. I figure I really don't have a reason to care about my ego so I'll just post it under this screenname.
  5. wtf did you post this under 2 diff nicks.

    makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about the deal
  6. Just send your check to nigeria and you will go to heaven risk free lol i already effed myself with this one didn't I? Ah well add it to the list of ridiculous occurrences at ET.
  7. Lucrum


  8. I make about double that with my trading account now, so im not interested. But if you are willing to pay that high of interest and you can prove you have that collateral, you should have no problem getting a personal loan at (although max loan is $25k last I checked) Or why not just try your bank? I dont see why they wouldnt loan you that money.
  9. notice no one else even mentioned that. place is filled with tards aint it?
  10. Ok, you find the really good deal on real estate so you want to buy now, true? But you can can not have money from the trust, and have to wait to be 25 years old. Try to get the Trust Advance maybe? I did not try this, so I really do not know if this is can work for you. And if the price is better than the %22.5 you offer I do not know.
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