Anybody works/worked for Edward Jones

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  1. Anybody knows about Ed Jones or worked for them? Please post here or PM me.

  2. Aren't they basically mutual fund salesmen? Apologies if I'm grossly mistaken...
  3. more or less....yes...and many other things financial planners, etc
  4. I went there for an internship. Got it but didn't take it. It was with a financial advisor. I don't know if thats what your looking for.

    She told me they pay for your series 7, you can have your own office, and they pay for your front desk assistant. Mostly your job is networking to get more clients and more money. I don't know there rules for managing the actual capital tho.
  5. looks like eward jones will be the new breed of financial advisors
  6. From what I gather they are NOT fee-only advisors...but mostly sales, sales, sales.

    I wonder how the model works if you stop growing assets?
  7. No idea, she seemed like she was more worried about getting more clients and keeping the ones she had then managing the money. Not what I wanted.
  8. yah..sounds like salesman not a investment manager :-(
  9. from what I have heard, it's a lot of old-school style going door to door looking for clients
  10. Tell me about, the main project for the internship was making a presentation to a retirement community in her area.
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