Anybody watching EUR/USD and GBP/USD today?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by operator, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. These pairs are going nuts. They are ripping. I just caught 50 pips in the GBP/USD in 30secs and all of my trades today are winners....
  2. Today may very well be the top for EUR/USD (short term top).
  3. Maybe, but what the FED is doing is killing the dollar...We'll see.
  4. That makes me want to go short:D
    No harm meant,
  5. I did and I made myself a few good pips, I traded the pair for only two hours in the 5M chart and got 230 pips. I usually trade longer time frames but with such an excited market I’m fearing it will retrace any time without prior notice.
  6. Been trying to short but there is still some strenght. Got in and out many times after the close, now short @ 1.4430, stop 1.4459, target 1.3955. I'm most probably not going to hold till there.
    It is very stuborn.
  7. March Euro be going to 1.4919!


    Sorry, I have to learn to paste from my DTN feed. I have a nice monthly chart of the Euro future going back several years.

    Euro just broke above key monthly resistance of 1.4113 and this level may now act as minor support.
  8. anyone watching usd/jpy? waiting for a retrace so i can catch the ride back down.
  9. I have a 50% retracement in Eur/Usd at around 1.4350. I think the move is done for now. But it will not fall quickly, prepare for a couple weeks of sideways action, then a move back to 1.35 area.
  10. It might hit 1.35 on monday, ha....
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