Anybody want to back my movie idea

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  1. Crazy daytrader gets elected president. Sells thousands of puts everyday while pushing an economic policy that inflates stock prices. The country is about to go under. And then he announces, we own the world, we have all the money in the world as I have made 35 trillion in my IB account., evrybody gets a free house and car, and 50k a month to live on, and the chicks are free.

    Hey its a movie right?
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    I`d watch it. But I watched "Idiocracy" twice so thats not saying much.
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    You do know that once elected President he has no access to his personal funds as they are put into Trust. So no, he can't have an IB account.
  4. Actually, that is a great idea for a movie. Except president appoints great daytrader to his staff and he bets big and thus brings the country out of debt.
    The country is celebrating like never before. Both sides of the politican spectrum and all the people reelect the president unamiously.

    Meanwhile the prez is screwing the traders wife and finally the trader figures it out and whammo the trader takes a godzillion short trade against a sure thing and looses the entire treasury of the United states. Nobody is watching the trader because he's the greatest. The trade cannot be undone and the country is back up the creek.

    So what happens next. The trader is elected dictator for life. Divorces his wife and gets himself a harem.

    What say you about that?
  5. I have it on good authority that you're eligible for mezzanine funding under TARP.
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    Has physical, logical or legal impossibility ever stopped movie makers?

    I can name only one Sci Fi movie about space travel where there is weigthtlessness. Also most spaceships are huge and spacious beyond reason.
  7. Starring Paul Giammatti as Lloyd, David Spade as The Treas Secretary and Ben B. as himself in "Crash Proof"
  8. The president's kid is the E-trade baby making trades from his iphone app.
  9. Loving the IB tie-in. Maybe Timmy, Ben and friends pool together and open an IB Friends and Family accout to save $ on data fees, and give the president trading rights. They enable portfolio margining to increase the number of naked puts they can sell and ES contracts they can long. Chief-o-Staff pressures CME to finally lower ES and YM margin rates (what the hell, it ain't 2008 no more folks). White House press secretary opens ET account and starts threads with titles like "Buy all Dips!" and "100% Free Money No Risk!" ad naseum.

    And since it's a movie, IncreaseNow simultaneously follows and trades 247 markets for an hour a day until he's acheived financial freedom, gets his picture on the cover of Trader Monthly, beats Paul Rotter in a 1-on-1 trading competition (earns nickname "The Flipee"), gets noticed by the pres and later becomes the SEC chair.
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    This is the retarded angle. Sells naked puts? He would make 100 times more money just being long the futures. Why is every ET'ers wet dream to sell naked puts. Sheesh.
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