Anybody Using XP Pro 64-bit ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gravestone Doji, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Just about everything I've read says stay with XP Pro as your OS if you're a trader. But I'm just wondering if anyone is using the 64 bit version? Sounds like it could be the best of both worlds but then again, I'm concerned it might be a problem with some software.

    Thoughts and experiences with the 64 bit flavor of XP Pro appreciated. Thanks
  2. WD40


    You don't choose your OS.

    You choose your application, then install your application in a qualified system (including the OS and hardware).

    If your application supports XP Pro 64 bit, and you can get all the drivers for XP Pro 64 (ie. driver for your graphics card, your sound card, etc.) then by all means go for it.

    Otherwise you are asking for trouble.
  3. Well my hardware will certainly support it. So I certainly can choose my OS. My question is, (since I asked here on ET) is anybody who's trading using it and if so, what are their experiences/opinions.

    I didn't start this thread to get all technical about why 32 bit may be better or why this or why that. This is not a 32 vs. 64 bit debate thread. I'm curious to hear from anyone using the 64 bit version of XP Pro (as the title of this thread states). I'd like to know how it's working for them, so that I (and others) can make a better informed decision on whether it might be worth considering an upgrade.
  4. WD40


    64 bit is NOT an upgrade from 32 bit. LOL

    They might share the same name, but they are different OS.
  5. jetbird


    I use x64 and XP Pro. x64 gives no noticable advantage for what we do. Stick with XP Pro. Vista upgrade from x64 may never be supported(not to say I would want to do this any time soon). Also, driver headaches with x64, watch out.
  6. Baywolf


    Today x86-64 app support is a NIGHTMARE. I suspect this will begin to change in the near future due to the fact that x86-32 OS's runs in to memory limitations somewhere around 3GB. Given that the "recommended" amount of RAM to run Vista Hog is 4GB of RAM, we should start to see OEM's using the 64-bit flavor out of the factory. This of course will trickle down to the software devs as the realize there is a critical mass of x86-64 users wondering why that legacy app crashes on their new 64-bit machine. Devs will need to support 64-bit going forward. Only certain apps take advantage of the wider bandwidth, thats why its difficult to realize a performance increase in many current apps today.
  7. Chicago


    Have xp 64 on a dual opteron box that runs tws, ninja, and ensign, 24 hours a day with no problems for months now. Not using x64 for a speed increase in these programs, just so other programs can take advantage of the processors.
  8. mnx


    I've been running xp-64 for 6 months now on my main trading box. Only problem I had was I have to use the Japanese language version of my printer drivers... LOL

    I use it with VB6, Sterling Trader Pro, Excel etc...

    - mnx