Anybody using TT API?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by mizhael, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I am trying to build some sort of automation using TT API...

    Hopefully I can find people here and lets discuss...

    Thank you!
  2. I'm interested also. Can anyone tell me if the api keeps you permanently logged in and also if if that real time position monitoring?
  3. many, many people execute through TT's API. They have good documentation as well as demo accounts and a tech support line.

    Have either of you spoken to TT?
  4. Keep in mind guys, using the TT API requires a license to the Pro edition of the platform at most major brokerages.
    No one is including that for free. Charges vary, but some are both monthly and per transaction.
    This is why Interactive Brokers has received so much business. The only advantage with TT is that some prop firms offer it and this opens up the possibility of systematic trading with a bigger purse.
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    FWIW, TT Pro License is $1800 per month. That includes license keys to six exchanges.
  6. Anybody wants to collaborate on software development of TT API?

    I am going to build trading system on top of TT API, but I am sure there are lots of people having the same goal and are doing the same thing.

    Why don't we collaborate and share thoughts and better, share some software development together?
  7. I'm with you, but their API is huge and only documented in a sketchy fashion. On top of that, read this:
    Version: 1.1.0
    Date Created: 06/29/2005
    Known Issues:

    Notes: The C++.NET Sample was built in Visual Studio 2003. This Sample will not compile in Visual Studio 2005 due to all the differences between the two versions.

    Lots of work needed to decifer this API.

    On top of that, XTrader Pro is required for testing.
    The API is not enabled for the free Xtrader version.
  8. Thank you! A few thoughts:

    1. Do you have concrete difficulties on XTRADER API? Maybe I can help a bit?

    2. In addition to XTRADER API, there is FIX API, maybe we can look into those.

    3. If there is sufficient interest, we can hire some developers and share the cost.

    4. Why is 2003 vs 2005 a problem?

    5. I am using PRO.

    6. TT's IT support is not good at all but I can try to push.

    7. As a start, I suggest we look at how to program the following simple program:

    - monitor the real-time tick prices;
    - issue orders when certain price level is hit;
    - close positions accordingly
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    (1) TT has a dev group who will build whatever you need,
    (2) Once they are done, you gotta modify the heck out of it to fine-tune it,
    (3) Once that's done, it rock

    (been using it for several years, everyday to trade eminis , copper, euro, gold, silver, oil, etc)
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