Anybody using Trendcatch to trade S&P ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eministrader, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Hey just wondering if anyone is actively using trendcatch to trade the mini S&P. I have found myself to consistently hit profit target before market open....would love to hear how successful or not traders are finding it and also to share trading strategies.
  2. You can't be serious.
  3. Can you elaborate ? are you familiar with it or just wouldnt trade in that way ? As you would probably assume this is new to me and I would therefore appreciate feedback regardless of how painful
  4. Ditto. I would like to know if trendcatch has value.
  5. God I hate the taste of spam :eek:
  6. Cut me some slack, please. I am not a spammer. I am looking for objective opinions on the usefulness of the software.
  7. [snip]"I have found myself to consistently hit profit target before market open.."

    Ok, if it were me, CONSISTENTLY hitting my profit target BEFORE market open, I wouldn't be wanting to share strategies with other TRADERS. More to the point, I wouldn't say anything, I'd be looking for MORE CAPITAL.

    But that's just me; and I'm a PIKER!!:cool:
  8. LOL This is the wrong group to bullshit. I hear Wizetrade is a super niffty program with some really swell indicators and high tech arrows and stuff. Check 'em out.

    That's my opinion.:p
  9. clacy


    I'm suprised more spammers don't at least build up their post counts before posting their advertisement.

    Every single time you see one of these posts, the OP has 3 or 4 previous posts.
  10. Yes, sometimes they're legitimate questions because they don't know who to ask or where to go. Then there are the obvious spammers.

    If I'm wrong I'll apologize in 30 days.:D
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