Anybody using thinkorswim? Did you get a monkey?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jellystone1, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Hard to believe these guys are on the level looking at their sie. Any reports positive or negative on them.?

  2. the best retail option broker, period.

    yes, i do have the monkey.

  3. Capuchin? Chimpanzee? You think they are better than IB or Genesis for stock daytraders?

  4. its a long legged, long armed monkey wearing a tshirt, and it came free in the mail in a little box with air holes. not sure of its species.

  5. TOS is marginally-ok if you need hand holding. If not, you're far better served with IB or even OX.
  6. IB has a nod over ToS for commissions and range of products but ToS has moved ahead of OX I think. It all comes down to personal preference but ToS puts it all on one screen and simply click trading while OX requires jumping around screens which are not streaming. In one screen you can easily see quotes, chains, positions, orders and account info on ToS.

  7. Choad


    IB is all you need. Your "one stop shop" for traders. Kinda like a Super Walmart for the trading cognoscenti! :D

    And IB sent me a book a couple years ago AND they recently sent me an IB ballcap!
  8. Thanks guys! this is the kind of input I need to get pointed in a semi-sensible direction! mucho appreciated.

  9. I don't have personal experience with OX, but every client I've talked to seems to love OX.

    One issue related to account security; IB offers an RSA-crypto dongle for account withdrawals.

    IB is superior in every area, save for pretty front-ends and hand-holding. IB also offers a guaranteed market-fill on complex, inter-exchange spreads and combos. IB also deliver a global VaR analysis.

    I once waited 3 hours for a confirmed-out on a 100-lot SPX straddle sale... 3 hours with TOS. The app is clunky and bloated. If I suddenly became incapacitated and found the need to run "what-ifs" I'd buy an analysis package. I don't need nor want it in my execution app. Give me prices, implieds, global-VaR. TOS is lame.