Anybody using T28 SPM Method?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saxon22, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Probably he got back into the Puretick trading room under and different handle. LOL
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  2. I have a setting saved called "SPM" but it was pretty worthless. It was like MACD and a 2 or 3 SMA shifted to the right (or left?) by two ticks.

    Like most "systems" it wasn't even complete because it did not have every single possible scenario accounted for with instructions written out.

    Like most posts on ET the system was full of ambiguity and fortune cookie wisdom.

    Someone asks a detailed question and gets a cryptic response.

    For example (this is made up but you'll get the idea):

    Q. You said to go long when x happens, but I did that and lost money. I noticed subconditions a, b, and c. How do those factor into play? Do they negate the long signal or are there additional factors involved?

    A. Keep it simple man, you just gotta do what the MACD tells you do.

    Actually that's the kind of cryptic response that most questions get.

    A complete system would not generate such answers because every possible scenario and condition is accounted for and therefore has a concrete boolean answer.
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  3. Yea whatever.:p
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