Anybody using T28 SPM Method?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saxon22, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. It has been a while since I peeked at T 28's SPM thread. I personally do not use it , but when first introduced, it did have many followers. It was my first system that I tried making money with so forgive me if I am being a little nostalgic here. Those were the times, innocence that will never be captured again. Anyway, anybody still using it?????????? :D
  2. I guess the system has been forgotten by most. :(
  3. I love that indicator! I spoke about it recently but called it the wrong name- T128 or something. As I rememeber it's the percentage of stocks trading above_________ forgot that part, two years ago it was accurate as hell. ! ~stoney
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    Can the system be backtested?
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    T28's latest handle is quantsteve.
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  9. When nonlinear5 backtested it he found that it was a net loser.

    Trader-troll 28 has since discarded it in favor of becoming a pure price action trader ... and we've seen the results of that one! :p
  10. I'm not familiar with his method, is it the one where he cuts and pastes all his Hershey jabber and posts it over and over again in all different forums? Cause if thats it, no thank you.

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