Anybody using IE 7...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ang_99, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. I just installed it, the tabs are kind of cool. Supposed security features and new layout are nice.
  2. So far.... excellent. Agree like them tabs! :)
  3. WD40


    IE7 sucks.

    it is giving me error messages on many webpages.
    it won't play CNN news video.

    Firefox is 100 times better.
    I am switching back.
  4. Firefox has tabs. I recommend you visit for info on a great browser.
  5. No complains about IE7. I started using around 2 months ago (beta). Excellent job. It displays some pages better than Firefox

    However, I like Firfefox search function better (just start typing and it highlights the results automatically). Wonder why MSFT didn't include that feature.
  6. Avant uses your existing IE6 engine, is bug free, is faster than firefox or IE7/6 and has all the features you might want :)
  7. Andriy


    Yes. Have been using for about three months. Runs great. Agree, tabs are very cool. Installed VISTA about a week ago. so far so good. Quite the remarkable OS (knock on wood). Interestingly, have had no problems with hardware drivers, etc. Definitely like the new interface...
  8. I like IE 7.0 but the recent security issue is difficult to stomach.

    But I think the thing people aren't talking about, vs. Firefox, is the better memory performance and faster page rendering.

    But hey, that's just me - hopefully they get the application patched and then I'll feel better about using it to visit my bank site.
  9. It's not a screamer but Firefox is not slow at all.

    How would you define slow?
  10. Maxthon or Avant hands down.

    The new Maxthon 2 is a winner, both visually and features-wise.
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