Anybody using DTN Satellite datafeed?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by TwoWheels, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. TwoWheels


    I'm looking to add another data feed in the near future. Currently I use TradeStation and Interactive Brokers. These feed my homegrown trading software, and I use TradeStation for charting.

    Both TS and IB have occasional data interruptions and lags. All datafeeds have bad days, right?

    Can anybody comment on the satellite-delivered data from DTN? Or do you know of a rock-solid feed that doesn't lag in a fast market?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. if you are worried about a slight delay you dont want satellite. plus they will blank out in a heavy rainstorm.
  3. esmjb


    i would like as much info as possible about satellite. anything you could share i would appreciate greatly, such as cost and reliability and speed/latency, who the main providers are...
  4. maxpi


    I never hear much bad about DTN satellite. It transmits the whole market, there is no symbol limit. They will discount the DTNIQ service if you have satellite, you can get history downloads from the internet that way. The satellite conserves bandwidth by not transmitting every tick [I'm fairly sure I have this right], just the changes are transmitted. DTN is well integrated with the Global Server as well. The satellite goes out if you have a storm at the receiving end and also once in recent memory they were out because of a storm where they uplink. You might go to and search the threads to learn more and DTN has a forum on their site.
  5. TwoWheels


    vhehn, you're right about the constant small delay. Since the satellite is in a geosynchronous orbit there will be at least 200 milliseconds in speed-of-light delay.

    maxpi, thanks for the leads. Do you use DTN? Have you compared it with any of the Internet data vendors?

    What I'm looking for is less data lag during fast markets, and fewer total drop-outs overall. TradeStation occasionally quits delivering data for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, and occasionally lags the IB feed by a couple seconds. These are much worse than a constant 200 millisecond delay. Especially since I'm thinking about the DTN Satellite as another backup feed.

    ( To be evenhanded about it, I haven't looked to see how often IB drops out or lags the TradeStation feed. I use TS as my primary feed and fail-over automatically to IB. The fail-over events are what catch my attention. )
  6. maxpi


    I just started using DTNIQ with TS2k. So far so good. I have no metrics regarding delay or anything, only have downloaded history at this time.
  7. Can you tell me how you linked DTN to your TS2000?
    Do you use a satellite datafeed?